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Attorney Madhvi Patel and our team at Cohen Villegas Patel, PLLC have 40 years of combined experience helping clients navigate the law in Texas. We are a boutique law firm that brings big firm experience with the personalized attention that a small firm affords. Especially if you are handling matters as delicate and consequential as business transactions or new formations, you will need direct access to an attorney who will just be a phone call away. Our business lawyers will provide the professional legal consultation you need to handle business negotiations, corporation formations, and startup issues. 

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Corporation Formation and 501(c)(3) Corporations

Forming a corporation is another area of business transactions that our firm handles. Under Texas corporate laws, to form a corporation an entity must deliver the proper paperwork to the secretary of state and sign the certificate of formation. 

Note that the certificate of formation must state the following:

  • the name of the filing entity;
  • the type of filing entity;
  • the purpose or purposes for which the filing entity is formed;
  • the period of duration, if not existing perpetually;
  • the street address of the initial registered office of the filing entity and the name of the initial registered agent;
  • the name and address of each organizer, unless the entity is formed under a conversion or merger.

Keep in mind that a valid name for a corporation will contain the word "company," "corporation," "incorporated," "limited," or an abbreviation of one of those words. An experienced business attorney can better ensure that you take all the required steps to legally forming a corporation and guide you through the filing process. Let’s take the next step in expanding your business in Texas.

Nonprofit corporations (corporations that do not distribute income to members, directors, or officers) are not automatically exempt from federal or state taxes. However, organizations that meet the requirements in Section 501(c)(3) may be exempt from federal income tax. Such requirements include:

  • not serving any private interests, including the interests of the creator, the creator's family, shareholders of the organization, or other persons controlled by private interests;
  • none of the net earnings of the organization being used to benefit any private shareholder or individual;
  • all earnings being used solely for the advancement of its charitable cause.

In general, three types of organizations that may be eligible for 501(c)(3) status are charitable organizations, churches and religious organizations, and private foundations.

Business Negotiation

One of the most important legal elements of a business is the contract negotiation. Attorney Madhvi Patel can help clients develop effective negotiations strategies to ensure that the terms of their business contracts meet their needs. While negotiation may feel daunting, it is actually a favorable way for parties to voice their interests and concerns before entering a binding agreement. We can take a look at the contract proposals you are dealing with and negotiate an agreement that addresses your business interests favorably. Balancing assertive advocacy with collaborative negotiation skills, our legal team will do our best to protect your business rights. Some business matters we can help you negotiate include:

  • merger or joint venture contracts;
  • employee contracts;
  • immigration concerns;
  • non-disclosure agreements;
  • operating agreements;
  • stock purchase agreements.


Our Winning Strategy

  • International & Multicultural

    CVP is comprised of multicultural partners, thus offering a variety of language translation and interpretation: Spanish, Gujarati, Italian, German, French, Nepalese, Hebrew, Russian and Portuguese.

  • Cost Sensitivity

    While providing outstanding service and legal representation is our paramount concern, CVP maintains great vigilance in controlling costs by ensuring that matters are dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Decades of Experience

    All clients meet with only CVP partners for legal counsel. Our partners come from a variety of jurisdictions and hold degrees and concentrations in various fields of Law. Together we offer decades of experience and vast insight translating directly into exceptional advice and service to our clients.

Startup Laws

Attorney Madhvi Patel also provides legal guidance for up-and-coming businesses as well as corporations. More and more startups have been looking ambitiously at Texas, and our firm welcomes any startup in need of legal assistance to get their business registered and running. From helping to negotiate business contracts to organizing the proper paperwork you will need to register your business, Cohen Villegas Patel, PLLC can lend a legal hand. 

There are many important benefits to consulting a startup lawyer. Having a business lawyer with your startup will save you time and likely simplify the process as they help you jump over any legal hurdles you may not have foreseen. In particular, it will be beneficial to work with an attorney who specifically practices in business and corporate law like our professionals at Cohen Villegas Patel, PLLC, because such a lawyer will be more deeply familiar with business the legal jargon and business law system. For instance, a startup attorney can help you handle concerns like:

  • employee contracts;
  • intellectual property rights of employees;
  • applying for Employee Identification Numbers (EINs);
  • planning collateral documents and stockholder consents.

From newly rising startups to big corporations to nonprofits, Cohen Villegas Patel, PLLC can provide you professional legal counsel to navigate your business concerns. Reach out to our business lawyers online or at (214) 643-8844 for a consultation to get started.

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